South Florida Kidnapping Charges Lawyer

South Florida Kidnapping Charges Lawyer
Kidnapping is classified as confining, abducting, or imprisoning another person forcibly, secretly or by threat. To prove their case, the State must show that the accused intended to hold the victim hostage, use the victim as a shield, inflict harm, terrorize the victim or interfere with a government or political function. It is a first degree felony punishable by up to 30 years in Florida State Prison unless the victim was younger than 13 years old and was abused and raped. In that case it punishable by Life in prison.

What Happens After Being Charged with Kipnapping in South Florida

Individuals charged with Kidnapping have a lot at stake, in some cases the accused might even be facing up to 30 years in Prison. It is critical that anyone being investigated for, or charged with Kidnapping retain an experienced and competent criminal defense attorney. A kidnapping conviction could have a significant impact on your future and likely come with a strong social stigma that could inhibit your life in other ways aside from the professional and legal realm. A Kidnapping conviction will show up on background checks and could easily negatively impact your ability to become an employee, tenant, loan recipient, or make past the most basic of background checks for any purpose.

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